Hi, I’m Whitney!

I am a (retired) military wife, mom to 2, and family photographer In the Boise area. I have been teaching intro to photography classes for the past 5 years and LOVE to see aha moments when things finally just click.

Kind Words

"Whitney does a great job simpliflying manual mode. ISO, aperture, and shutter speed can be VERY complicated. I found the videos along with a written description easy to follow along. I also really like how Whitney breaks things down into smaller chapters. If I have trouble with ISO, I can now easily find the chapter on it without having to skip ahead or try to remember where it was discussed in the class. Whitney also demonstrates different techniques in a studio setting and outdoors. This was very helpful for me because my passion is outdoor photography and you have to work with the elements not against them. Whitney explained her methods in a straightforward approach that made me excited to get out there and try them out for myself!"

Carrie Kedish